Cours SMGR101

SUSE Manager 2.1 Administration  Nous contacter

In this course, you are introduced to SUSE Manager 2.1, the Linux management product. During this course, you learn skills necessary to effectively use SUSE Manager 2.1 to manage your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server machines.

Course Information

Course Duration: 3 days
Course Level: Beginner

Key Objectives
  • Install and Configure SUSE Manager 2.1
  • Use Client Bootstrap Scripts
  • Manage Channels, Organizations, Users and Activation Keys
  • Manage Packages and Patches
  • Update and Backup SUSE Manager
  • Manage Configurations
  • Perform Auto-Installation and Bare Metal Provisioning
  • Use Audit and CVE reporting facilities

Audience Summary

This course is designed for system administrators who need to become familiar with SUSE Linux Manager 2.1.

Course Outline
  • SUSE Manager Installation
  • SUSE Manager Basic Configuration
  • Package and Patch Management
  • User Management
  • Maintenance
  • Configuration Management
  • Auto-Installation
  • Advanced Tasks
  • Proxy Installation and Configuration
  • System Monitoring Using SUSE Manager

Course Prerequisites

Before taking this course, you should have Linux administration experience, including familiarity with topics covered in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Fundamentals (Course 3101) or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.2 Fundamentals (Course 3115).

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